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Our History!

My grandmother, Josephine "Mom" Gittens, immigrated to America from the beautiful island of Barbados in 1916.  With her she brought her culture and her recipes.  Passed down from generation to generation, this is her delicious Bajan Pepper Sauce, made with fresh ingredients, hot habanero & scotch bonnet peppers & seasoned to perfection!  This pepper sauce is amazingly tasty, and will take your food to a whole other level.  Use it as a seasoning, use it as a will be putting this pepper sauce on EVERYTHING!!! 

Gitts Bajan Pepper Sauce

(The Hot One!)

This authentic Bajan Pepper Sauce is nothing short of AMAZING!!! The heat is turned way up and the flavor is simply outstanding! Gitts Bajan Peper Sauce is made with fresh habanero & scotch bonnet peppers, for that true Caribbean taste.  Cook with it, use it as a hot sauce, add it to your favorite marinades. You will be using this sauce on just about everything. Order your bottle(s) today!

*The color of this sauce will vary depending upon the color of the peppers.  The color may be red, orange, yellow, or light green, but don't worry, the taste will be consistently amazing.

*Your Sauce will last for over a year in the refrigerator.  If your sauce gets too thick, no worries, simply add while vinegar to the jar for your desired consistency.

*Rainfall and climate during growth will affect the capsaicin levels in our peppers.  Gitts Bajan Pepper Sauce will always range from 100,000 - 350,000 on the Scoville Scale.

Health benefits of Capsaicin:

*Pain Relief

*Heart Health

*Increased Metabolism 


Made fresh, refrigerate!

DAT Green Sauce & DAT Red Sauce
(Medium Heat!)

Marinade, condiment, seasoning, flavor booster, base seasoning, etc.


*Made with fresh green jalapenos and a sprinkle of scotch bonnet peppers, DAT Green Sauce has the perfect level of heat and is bursting with flavor!


Fresh red Jalapenos gives this sauce a natural sweetness paired with a little heat.


These sauces are milder than Gitts Bajan Pepper Sauce & Hotter than Gitts Bajan Marinade.  

Made fresh, refrigerate!

DAT Red Sauce.jpg

Gitts Bajan Marinade

(The MILD One!)

This marinade has amazing flavor, and the hea​t has been turned way down! This delicious sauce is made with fresh jalapeño peppers, and can be used as a marinade or a seasoning. Marinate your fish, seafood, steak, ribs, pork butt, pork chops, ground meat.....okay, marinate anything. Use it to season your fruit (cucumbers, tomatoes, mangos, & avocados), and drizzle it on your eggs, omelets, tacos, nachos....ok ok, it's great on just about anything! Order your bottle(s) today!

Made fresh, refrigerate!

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